Turn on the latest news or read the latest newspaper and you will more than likely hear some reference to the very poor state Ireland’s health and health industry is in. From the terrifying rise of obesity and diabetes, putting us inline to become the most overweight country in Europe by 2025, to the high rates of addiction and suicide with over 1 person a day taking their lives on average in 2016.

Unfortunately, we are living with a healthcare system that is symptomatic in it’s treatment, meaning it only treats the symptoms of disease and rarely the root causes. Personally, I believe the Western, allopathic approach (drugs and surgery) to health is not succeeding as planned. If it was, we wouldn’t be seeing the rises in disease, physical and mental, that we are. Before you blow your gun, I am not saying it doesn’t have it’s benefits, I am just saying it’s very limited.

I believe we are too shortsighted when it comes to realising the origin of the current health crisis and I believe there needs to be a major shift in our approach to health if we are to reverse the current trends for good. I believe we must begin to look at our current systems; biological, psychological and societal from a deeper and more profound perspective. There needs to be an integration between all aspects of health from conventional Western medicine, to homeopathy, to traditional Chinese medicine, to Ayurvedic medicine and to the traditional Shamanic and indigenous populations around the globe.

Who am I to make these claims? Nobody really, I have just developed a deep interest and passion for understanding life, human nature, health and consciousness. The ideas and opinions on this website, while backed by science and research where possible, are ultimately just that, ideas and opinions. I am not trying to force anyone to see it “my” way, I simply just want to articulate conventional and unconventional thoughts on topics I am interested in. Some of them you may agree with, some of them may severely challenge your views and beliefs. If you do feel a button being pushed, pause, take a deep breath and let it go, it isn’t personal. Or don’t, it’s totally up to you. You could also challenge those beliefs, ask yourself;

“Where and who did I get this perspective from?”, “How is it serving me, positively or negatively?”, “What would happen if I didn’t attach myself to this belief?”.

Most of us embody beliefs that have been passed down to us from our parents, peers and wider culture without being aware of it. Challenging and destroying the beliefs that limit us and prevent us from living our best life is the most liberating and empowering journey one can take. This is me extending a call to action to you. Decide to commit to becoming the best, most optimised, strongest, courageous, honest, integral and healthiest version of yourself. Stop being a supporting role, this is your life, it’s time to become the hero of your own movie!

Move, Lift, Run, Jump, Grapple, Swim, Bike, Dance, Sing, Eat Clean, Read, Write, Paint, ,Speak, Express freely, Love unconditionally, forgive, accept, move forward, dream, breathe, trust your gut, travel, move beyond fear, towards love, be connected, live large,

Anyways, welcome, thanks for stopping by and I hope you learn a thing or two along the way.

Your friend,


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