Resources for Optimising Your Health & Wellness

Explore writings on physical, mental and spiritual health.

Topics range from optimal routines, movement, nutrition and mindset strategies to nature, ancient philosophy, psychotherapy and self-development.


Physical Health

I have been involved in coaching physical health & wellness for over 5 years with populations ranging from golfers, GAA players (Senior, Collegiate and Under-age), general population, Collegiate American Football and Wrestlers and NFL Official’s.

Explore a collection of posts on improving and optimising your physical health and well-being.

Mental & Emotional Health

I have become fascinated by the workings of the mind in recent years through self-exploration and development. My mental health is something I have struggled with in the past, fighting anxiety, mild depression and low self-esteem. My biggest breakthroughs occurred when I stopped fighting myself and began loving myself.

Explore some insights from my journey.

Spiritual Health

As with my mind, I suffered deep confusion and despair with my spiritual health which lead me to become atheist for a number of years. As I have journeyed into the mind it has lead me to re-think my beliefs about the spirit.

Explore insights and lessons on optimising spiritual health.